The Ralide Story

RalideĀ© is the world’s largest manufacturer of saddle trees and stirrups. In fact, over fifty percent of all saddles sold in the U.S. each year are built on Ralide trees. And for many good reasons.

RALIDE revolutionized an industry and after more than 30 years continues to be a major force in this industry. And now you can explore what RALIDE has to offer with our new website. There are over 40 different styles of saddle trees and 12 styles of molded stirrups varying in style and size. There is also a wide variety of accessories that RALIDE has to offer.

So, take yer boots off, stay a while, and browse through what RALIDE can offer you! If you need any additional information on RALIDE, feel free to contact us through our information page or email us directly here.

Why RALIDE Trees?

In the U.S., saddles have been built on trees made of wood for over 100 years. Some are covered with cheesecloth or canvas. Others are covered with fiberglass or rawhide – called “rawhide covered” or “bullhide covered” trees. They all have one thing in common: seperate ground seats that are nailed or stapled to the wood pieces.

These trees lack consistency and uniformity in size and shape. They also vary in workmanship,depending on the experience of the individual maker.

Ralide saddle trees take a completely different approach – a better approach. Ralide trees are formed in one solid piece, with a rugged, unitized body and a consistent, uniform shape. there are no separate ground seats, horns or cantles. No joints to work loose. No wood to warp, split, mildew or rot.

Ralide one-piece polyethylene saddle trees revolutionized the saddle-making industry. And every one comes exactly as the saddle-maker ordered it.

This consistent quality allows more precise, efficient use of leather patterns, clicker-dies and other precut saddle parts. Each component fits precisely, reducing the costs of labor and of alterations necessitated by inconsistent saddle trees. The result is a better tree for the saddle maker to build on – and a better-shaped, better-built saddle for the buyer.

Laboratory And Field Tested.

Ralide saddle trees and stirrups have undergone extensive tests performed by one of the country’s leading independent laboratories. These tests are far more severe than any saddle would experience in normal use. Controlled “jerk” and repetitive “load” tests are performed at much more strenuous levels than would ever be exerted under even the most rigorous normal conditions. And the results (available on request) have shown that there is simply not a stronger or more durable tree on the market than Ralide saddle trees.

Thousands of Ralide trees are further tested every day in field use. And the results are the same:
Ralide is number one.

Remember The Name.

Since 1964, our ultra-modern plant, with over 200,000 square feet and housing 26 injection-molding machines, has assured quality and production capacity that simply cannot be equaled. Only those saddle makers who use Ralide trees put the name of the saddle-tree manufacturer on their products. It’s a source of pride – to them and to us. And when customers see the Ralide name on the saddle, they know it means quality inside and out.

Dollar for dollar, Ralide saddle trees are the finest in the world. In fact, they’re the best thing that has happened to saddles in over 100 years.